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Introducing solutions to build high quality websites and portals

The e-portal product is one of the outstanding systems maintained and developed by Quang Ich CPPM Company for many years and has been highly appreciated by many customers. We have more than 13 years of experience in designing and building products in the field of Education and media.

Portal system is built and developed on the latest technology platform. This is a product that is being widely deployed in the market such as the Voice of Vietnam electronic newspaper system, Hanoi Department of Education & Training, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong,.... with many preeminent, advanced and outstanding features.

Benefits of portals

  • The portal was born to solve the limitations that traditional websites are facing. The portal is a centralized and single point of access; integrating information channels, services and applications; exchange information and data with information systems, and provide and exchange with users through a unified method on the Web platform at any time and from any where.

Flexible and intelligent content management system when editing content, integrated with many preeminent modules

  1. The portal is deployed specifically for the Department of Education, the system automatically aggregates information from school units to the portal of the Department of Education or the Department of Education. Therefore, the portal of the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Education and Training has the ability to centralize data and manage member units.
  2. Smart interface management system allows simple and convenient interface change.
  3. Flexible video file management and editing features.
  4. The system of managing news and images on the homepage.
  5. Features of system management of categories, categories, ads,...
  6. The integrated digital map feature allows accurate positioning of units on Vietnam and World maps.
  7. Features to manage documents, dispatches, lesson plans,....
  8. Provides a full range of discussion and question-and-answer forum functions,…
  9. Decentralized and advanced news browsing system allows each person to update and browse news articles for different categories.
  10. With the ability to centralize data, the Portal besides serving the activities of introducing and promoting images, the main benefit is creating a channel for information exchange and interaction. Helping school units manage data centrally and share and exploit data centrally.
  • Especially, the e-portal system allows integration with other online software systems into the same system such as: Website, Education Management Information System, Electronic Library, etc. Use only 1 account to access all software to save time, account management becomes easier.


01. Portal of Ho Chi Minh City Education & Training Sector (https://hcm.edu.vn)
02. Portal of Hanoi Department of Education and Training (https://hanoi.edu.vn)
03. Portal of Hai Phong Department of Education and Training (https://haiphong.edu.vn)


Mr. Hà Trung Kiên
Vice President of Sales
Phone: 0904 098 009
Mr. Phạm Duy Trọng
Northern Business Director
Phone: 0912 646 867
Mr. Trần Anh Minh
Southern Business Director
Phone: 0971 008 202
Award "Vietnamese Talent" 2012
Certificate of the final round of Vietnamese talent in 2012
Certificate of "Golden Products, Gold Services" in 2013
Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam in 2016
 Award "Sao Khue in the field of education and training" in 2021

Customer reviews

For schools, it is clear that online surveying helps to reduce time, effort and finance in organizing, copying, reviewing and marking exams. This is in line with the trend of digital transformation in the Education sector and towards building a generation of students "real learning, real exam, real talent" of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Ms. Le Thi Quyen

Principal of Hoang Van Thu High School, Hanoi

The eNetViet application has also contributed to the synthesis and analysis of data of the city's education and training sector, thereby contributing to improving the "digital transformation" capacity in the education sector of the city.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Tuan

Deputy Director of the Center for Information and Education Programs (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training)

Thanks to the infrastructure preparations for many years, along with the introduction of the industry database system and eNetViet application, this time we have a modern platform, suitable for the specific characteristics of the education industry, while ensuring ensure vertical internal management, while creating a secure and safe two-way communication channel between home and school

Mr. Nguyen Van Them

Deputy Director of Bac Giang Department of Education and Training