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Introduction of electronic library products and solutions, digital libraries in schools

QILIB.NET is a software solution for Electronic Libraries - Digital Libraries built and developed by Quang Ich in 2003. With outstanding features in integrated management of traditional and electronic library operations. With modern technology, QILIB.NET has been successfully applied in thousands of organizations, units and schools nationwide.

QILIB.NET is built on the basis of cloud computing technology, users do not need to install, just need an Internet connection to be able to use the system anywhere. This is a product designed to fully and best meet the needs of managers in library management. The functions of the System are designed according to unified standards, fully meeting the library management profession in schools. In particular, the library system provides a full range of report forms, effectively serving the school administrators in the process of monitoring and managing the library.

01Professional benefits

In terms of business, the school library management system is built based on the common standards of the world library system and uses a Web interface, so it ensures interoperability and compatibility with other systems. easy way. The school library management system includes modules OPAC, Circulation, Cataloging, Supplementing, Periodicals, Readers, System Setup, and especially statistical and reporting functions. Flexible, convenient and precise.

02Benefits for the school

On the school's side, the leadership can self-regulate the addition and effective management of resources, accurately assess students' information needs and abilities, analyze data and produce necessary reports about library operations.

03Benefits for the library, librarians

On the library side, librarians can well manage publications, library assets and automate business processes from simple to complex. Readers also easily access and make the most of the library's resources for learning and research purposes. The school library management system has really contributed to standardizing library operations and improving the efficiency of library management in schools.

Traditional Book Library Management Module

  1. Is a system that fully integrates all traditional library operations that have been standardized in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, book management and cataloging according to the general library standards.
  2. Achieve the most optimal use efficiency for all library business processes, saving maximum financial resources, time and effort…
  3. Highly customizable, allowing to update, change or upgrade content, functions and technology for the system.
  4. Digitize book titles through modern barcode equipment, digitize library cards, strictly decentralized management.
  5. Transfer and technical support, good user support.
  6. Manage invoice details of imported books.
  7. Set up automatic barcodes for books and other documents in the library in accordance with the book inventory. Also print barcodes to paste into books or documents.
  8. Borrowing and returning books automatically via barcode
  9. Update the catalog of each book or document.
  10. Diverse, detailed and intuitive lookup statistics for all target groups.
  11. Ability to import/export data.
  12. Multi-functional reporting system, meeting all library reporting services.

Electronic Library Management System

  1. Manage documents, lectures, activities, images of the school through documents in the form of Video, images, audio, e-Learning...
  2. Resource digitization technology.
  3. Automatically translate documents.
  4. Borrowing books from a traditional library management system.
  5. Look up books in the library, e-books.
  6. Decentralize the user's function to use and download documents.
  7. Exploiting the library via Website, handheld device…

Software interface

Reader interface
Reader interface


Mr. Hà Trung Kiên
Vice President of Sales
Phone: 0904 098 009
Mr. Phạm Duy Trọng
Northern Business Director
Phone: 0912 646 867
Mr. Trần Anh Minh
Southern Business Director
Phone: 0971 008 202
Award "Vietnamese Talent" 2012
Certificate of the final round of Vietnamese talent in 2012
Certificate of "Golden Products, Gold Services" in 2013
Top 50 leading IT enterprises in Vietnam in 2016
 Award "Sao Khue in the field of education and training" in 2021

Customer reviews

For schools, it is clear that online surveying helps to reduce time, effort and finance in organizing, copying, reviewing and marking exams. This is in line with the trend of digital transformation in the Education sector and towards building a generation of students "real learning, real exam, real talent" of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Ms. Le Thi Quyen

Principal of Hoang Van Thu High School, Hanoi

The eNetViet application has also contributed to the synthesis and analysis of data of the city's education and training sector, thereby contributing to improving the "digital transformation" capacity in the education sector of the city.

Mr. Nguyen Hong Tuan

Deputy Director of the Center for Information and Education Programs (Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training)

Thanks to the infrastructure preparations for many years, along with the introduction of the industry database system and eNetViet application, this time we have a modern platform, suitable for the specific characteristics of the education industry, while ensuring ensure vertical internal management, while creating a secure and safe two-way communication channel between home and school

Mr. Nguyen Van Them

Deputy Director of Bac Giang Department of Education and Training